IBM is launching the world’s fastest super computer Summit
After China have possessed the world’s fastest super computer,IBM revealed,they will launch Summit super computer,its calculating performance will make chinese TaihuLitht inferior by comparison.The super computer of IBM is called Summit.It is estimated to be provided to Oak ridge national laboratory of U.S. energy department in 2018.The calculating performance is enhanced above 1/4 than the original target.The original target calculating performance of Summit is 150petaflops,delivery performance will reach 200petaflops.The performance quota of chinese TaihuLight is 93 petaflops,peak performance quota is 124.5petaflops.It is said the price of IBM super computer is 325 million US dollar.

Supper computer Summit is used with IBM Power9 microprocesser and NVIDIA Volta GPU to make mathematical cooperative processing.Summit’s predecessor,super computer Titan,has 18000 bits,while Summit will have 3400 bits,each bits will have at least 500GB coherent memory,and 800GB non volatile memory.

To provide customers with high I/O throughput,the bit will be used with Mellanox two-way track Infiniband EDR connect to avoid fat tree architecture connection blocking.After it constructed,Summit will be able to solve the most urgent computer challenge.