Google starts using the fastest submarine optical cable,the speed increased 10 million times.
Soon after Microsoft and Facebook announced to joint together to build high-speed submarine optical cable,google defended their Internet Big Boss title by practical action.Google will start to use the fastest submarine optical cable in the world from America time Thursday.It’s said the new network transmission speed will be increased 10 million times!According to overseas reports,this super submarine optical cable project was started two years ago.At that time,google worked together with other 5 Asia telecom enterprises,invested 300 million US dollars to build this submarine optical cable which connects America and Japan,and named it as Faster. 

The width of the optical cable is 60 Tbps.The east connects the Oregon of the united states,and the west connects Chiba and Mie-ken of Japen.The middle connects many central cities of the west coast of the United States,including Los Angels,San Francisco Bay area,Portland and Seattle etc.The total length of the optical cable is 9000 kilometers.Alan Chin-LunCheung,the member of google submarine construct team announced that gooogle is using submarine optical cable via weblog.