Opmedia Provide Customized Service for Data Centers and Manufacturers
In recent years,Chinese manufacturers in the communication market like Huawei,H3c,ZTE etc,have surpassed overseas brand like cisco,they are in the leading position in the fields of optical transmission,enterprise network and so on,,and make new high records for shipment of converters year after year.In optical transmission network,optical modules are loaded on converters,routers,they are the key parts for optical transmission.Opmedia,a high tech enterprise with many years focus on optical module research and develop,have the product line for the all series of optical modules.But because of long term OEM for Huawei,the own brand awareness is low.To provide weapon of market fighting for international big brands with high tech enterprise cost and little profit,it is always the common difficult for “Made in China”.In latest two years,after continuous brand marketing,depending on reliable quality and public praise,Opmedia optical modules have made transition successfully.So to hold the balance between the core technique and brand spread is equal important.Pay attention to brand competitiveness,”Create in China”can make its own voice in the international market depending on high quality and diversified competitive advantage.

For a long time,Opmedia dedicate to research and develop 40G,100G and WDM high end optical transmission modules,trying to walk in the front of the field with technology leading.We provide optical module integrated solution for Huawei,H3c,ZTE,the shipment for them once reached 70% among the total shipment.Opmedia,applied the patent for products,and followed the step of Finisar,has become an independent supplier for communication manufacturers in the world.

Because of the special attributes of data communication project always take whole order package service,network equipment manufacturers will not approve the separate orders for optical modules,instead they will sell optical modules together with the equipments to their customers.
By doing this,network equipment manufacturers can make profit from selling optical modules.This equals to say they are also optical module first level agent,this makes it difficult to purchase optical modules separately.The host and interface board of Huawei and H3C converters do not have compatible solution from other manufactures once customers chose the brand.

Purchase premium and technique barrier cause the limit of purchase budget and hard to reduce purchasing cost.The only replaceable solution is optical modules, but the supply ability of OEM manufactures are uneven.Especially because the technique require for gigabit modules is low,counterfeit factories are growing up.These small factories use and assemble old parts from overseas,then sell with low price.While the customers cannot distinguish the products when purchasing,this will cause high cost for maintenance and destroy for reputation.Such as during the period of the system integrator delivers and system maintenance,optical modules are the core backbone,if some problem occurs,it is not only as simple as replace new modules,but also will cause interruption of central business exchange,cost for engineers go back and forward.So product with low repair or 0 repair is the goal of purchasing departments.This is also one of the reason why customers choose Huawei OEM fantory’s product.Though the original optical module is more expensive than the converters,the customer’s core business value is more important than the equipments.

The product line of Opmedia optical modules is complete,from Huawei AgilePOL which based on OLT EPON/GPON optical modules of access network PON and POL,to transmission network CWDM,DWDM modules,then 40G/100G high end router optical modules,includes full product line solution from low-end to high-end passive optical modules.Purchasing core optical parts and chips from overseas well-known brand traders to ensure the lifetime of modules reach up to 5~10 years,or even longer.5 years quality warranty and provide lifetime technique support with free charge.Opmedia always insist that the core technique is the first productivity,and help in construct date center,cloud calculating and 4G+ network,provide customers with end to end mature solution.

Depending on unceasingly follow up and bring in of international leading technology,the full product line Opmedia is exploring includes SFP+、XFP、GBIC、BIDI,CWDM、DWDM,X2、XENPAK、40G/100G and so on transceivers.According to deep research for customer demands,and summarize the experience working together with Huawei,H3C,Cisco,Radware and Extreme,continue the customize service,so as to provide customers service and matching solutions with more economy and ultimate quality.Beside the business use modules,we also explored industrial use modules that can work in temperature 40℃~+85℃,the modules can meet the requirement for severe situation in cold and high altitude.As E-commerce that face end users directly,in the hope of showing customers more details and giving customers better online shopping experience we are optimizing our aliexpress store.We are focusing on the product and customers demand,to provide products with stable quality and worry-free after sales service.

When the data center investing to network,they always ignore the optical cables and optical modules.Then they will find it is a great investment when they make accumulative calculation.
Especially for 40G/100G optical modules,the unit price is high.The price for one piece 100G optical module will exceed that of a core converter.Nowadays,many data centers become aware of the cost for optical modules,they start to control the using of optical modules to avoid big burden for operation.As a specialized manufacturer,Opmedia is presenting customers more with technique integrate instead of selling products only.We are also adjusting product constructure instead of selling product only.

The 10G 1550nm optical modules of Opmedia are embeded with EML laser.The cost for EML laser is 40%~50% higher than the DFB laser used by other manufactures,but the stability is multiplied as well.The experience of high quality and low cost for maintenance form the core competitivity.
The patented shell protects the Tosa,Rosa, circuit board,IC,together with the seat,PCBA,loop,Rubber plug to give protection for the module,which ensures the lifetime of the optical module.All of our products have passed ISO9001、CE、FCC、ROHS certificates,and can compatible with converters from all manufactures.The 40G/100G optical modules are fully performanced in high speed operating and brilliant city,mobile internet and cloud calculating.

The construction of internet cloud calculating,and strong update demand from enterprises and operators’network equipments,optical modules will still have an up growing market.The demand for super high-speed optical modules will bring development for the whole optical communication industry.

The continuous healthy development of domestic optical communication market has gained the support from our country in policy.”broadband China,optical network city”is the future strategy orientation of our county.As an important part in optical communication market,the function of optical modules cannot be ignored,this is also the reason why domestic optical module manufacturers growing so fast.In the future,depending on the strong demand from data center,the performance of optical module market is worth anticipating.