Opmedia Optical Modules Help to Push Huawei Access Operators to Central Purchase
The Operator who accesses the broadband to residence community is called second level operator,to some sense,they solved problems for broadband access at the last kilometer.

In the past,the access medium for the three operators mainly is copper wire(twisted-pair,ethernet cable,coaxial cable).But now,the community operators generally use POL,which has obvious advantage and progressive in broadband,access distance,power consumption,reliability and lifetime.By using PON technique and the single mode optical cable,which has longer transmission distance,bigger broad band capacity,smaller size,and lower cost,as medium,beside it can avoid being restricted in transmission distance by traditional ethernet,because of the PON passive optical splitting function,compared to traditional ethernet converters,POL can save Convergence layer active device,and costs for room space,electronic and heat release.Under the national strategy of Optical In and Copper Wire Out,with the pushing on for Brand China,Optical City,the broadband access is eliminating the ADSL in technique,and running into PON mode.

In recent years,the huge demand from increasing IPTV,video games pushing the develop of broadband,and also the develop of the upcoming internet of things depends on the support of broadband.As the main stream of optical access technique,EPON/GPON will not be able to satisfy 100M-1G broadband demand for each family.The trend that PON step into 10G is unreversible.

But the three main operators have monoplied in broadband backbone access,the operators for community in order to survive,only have to offer low price as competition,this makes most operators urge to reduce the cost for equipments.

For the technique option,POL generally use Huawei access to provide one stop all optical access equipment.PON uses the passive optical splitting technique,at the same of realizing high speed access,it can save backbone optical cable.The zero maintenance of passive optical splitter can reduce the maintenance work for optical internet.As OEM manufacturer for Huawei optical transceivers,Opmedia explore the coordinate method with second level operators actively,participate in small operators’ pack purchase,combine the actual demand,and reduce the purchase cost of community access operators radically,provide practical effective,integrate future optical access and economic solution for optical transmission.

Second level operators generally choose OLT+ONU for all optical access.the equipments are Huawei MA5680T,EPON or GPON business board with 8 ports,passive optical splitter.The access converter MA5680T only need to be inserted with different interface board to support different optical access method,all the optical interface board can be mix inserted freely,it provides a flexible optical access platform for operators,realizes FTTX,and also can avoid the risk of technique choosing.MA5680T,as the convergent platform of access layer optical cable connect,

Can provide operators with abundant optical cable access method,and satisfy diverse demand of access layer.Opmedia mainly provides own-bran EPON,GPON optical modules with original quality and cost advantage. As the main authorized manufacturer for Huawei and H3C,the product line of Opmedia is complete,and the technique strength cannot be looked down upon.

Analysising from the actual demand of market,optical module is popular among small operators and equipment manufacturers. ZTE,Huawei, H3C,Sangfor,Radware,Spirent and other converter manufacturers choose Opmedia optical modules.Because of extremely stable quality performance, strong compatible self-adaptive ability,the Opmedia modules is active in city’s hot billing gateways,broadband billing software platform of different types of self-research product and customize product fields.

In the aspect of high-end equipments,access internet operators with strong capability will use Huawei ME60,NE40E etc business to control routing gateway.These gateway equipments with high performance and capacity will need to coordinate with 40G or 10G optical modules to transmit data.Huawei optical modules are generally approved with big projects,,but for second level operators,they do not have the condition to get approval both in cost and manufacturer reporting process.To satisfy the demand for second level operators,they need the lead of manufacturers like Opmedia who have the qualification for OEM.Because of the OEM experience for Huawei,Opmedia optical modules can compatible with Huawei equipments in both compatibility and quality stability.Under this constructure,it is of great cost advantage for customers.In the transmit internet,the application for WDM also needs the coordinate of optical modules.These modules mainly include gigabit and 10 gigabit CWDM and DWDM optical modules.In the past years,the price for wdm modules was high,and being restricted by upstream chip manufacturers,it’s depended on the supply chain of optical device manufacturers in America and Japan.In recent years,because of the RD ability of domestic manufacturers is getting stronger,the cost for wdm optical modules reduced tremendously.The strong demand from customers and customized product service solution increased the market competence of Opmedia 10G PON and WDM optical modules.

Bidi optical modules are also have great favor from second level operators.Using WDM technique,sending and receiving center wavelength with two different directions to realize double direction transmission for optical signal by one cable.The Bidi optical modules have only one port,filtering by the wave filter in the module,at the same time,complete the sending of 1310nm optical and receiving of 1550nm optical signals,or vice versa.So the Bidi modules must be used in pairs.The most advantage for the modules is to save optical fiber resources.

Meanwhile,due to reduced the use of optical fiber,it helps to improve the effectiveness of fault point location,reduced the fault troubleshooting time.The use of 10G gigabit Bidi modules in pairs enables the width of exports of community broadband enhanced greatly.The 10G Bidi integrated solution provided by Opmedia is used in communities closely,this makes the community operators have the motivation to respond the national call by action,so as to reduce the cost and enhance the speed tremendously.

Opmedia is specialized in researching and developing optical communication products,and also a high tech enterprise in producing and selling.Our core products including 40G/100G optical modules,10Gpon modules,WDM modules,1000M single fiber modules and industrial converters and so on.After product line integrate,brand establish and promote,we grow from single OEM factory for Huawei and H3C to an independent brand trader with technology research and development,and also a optical equipment dealer dedicates to provide customized solution for customers.

The current situation of broadband internet access market in our country is 95% internet international export broadband,90% broadband internet access user,99% internet content service trader,they are all focused in china telecom,china unicom and china mobile internet,other operators hold less than 10% of the market.And when the user of other internet access traders visit the internet,will generate flow with china telecom and china unicom.The expensive clearing cost make the operating cost of second level operators become higher.So it is urgent to reduce the cost for equipment purchasing.In addition,to destroy the monopoly of the three operators in policy aspect and establish equal market competition,so as to have rational resource allocation.Only by doing these,the community broadband market can be revitalized.By breaking the monopoly completely,establish equal market competition,customers can enjoy high-end broadband service with great quality and low price.